Saturday, September 7, 2019

New Location In Cape Corinth!!!!

Brand New Location In Cape Corinth Specifically For Miners!!

As of recently I've made the investment to open up a miners supply stall in Cape Corinth. With the new acquisition I'll be able to bring you affordable mining related items cheaper than both the Auction House and my competition!!! To find the stall go to Cape Corinth through the teleporter and head down to the lower level market and find this stall!!

To gain the exact Coordinates of my stall and view my inventory click the image above!!!!

New Product Just In!!!

Brand New Product In!!!!

Full TT Value At An Affordable Price. :)

Just In!!!! A brand new ArMatrix LP - 15 has been added to my inventory at my Twin Peaks General Store. This item is in perfect condition and is ready to be sold to a lucky colonist in dire need of some decent firepower. Grab it before it's gone!!!

To see more of my inventory at my Twin Peaks General Store click on the image below!!!

Weapons Supply Is Going Fast!!

Weapons Supply Has Thinned, Get Yourself One Before They're Gone!!!

As of recently 3 of my weapons have sold leaving 10 in stock!! With weapons sales happening and picking up at my Twin Peaks General Store now is the time to pick yourself up some firepower before my supply is gone!! A weapon is a necessity for your next big hunt or for protecting yourself from anything that Calypso may throw at you!!!

SOLD!!!                                                                                        SOLD!!!!


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Coming Soon Omegaton West Location

Coming Soon I will be adding a new branch of The Cheapskates Paradise to Omegaton West!!!
Visit this page often for more details!!!! Inventory will be added soon as well as the opening date!!!!